Meet Chiara. Chiara is our technical confidant and adviser in Italy. Her 35 years of experience and knowledge of the fashion industry are incredibly important in our workflow. She is an expert on every material, every technique and every timeline and whenever something is not perfect she is always our first point of contact. Chiara ensures things run smoothly and if problems arise she thinks outside the square and fixes them quickly.

Chiara thrives on doing things right, supporting good and hard working local manufacturers and reaching our goals together with the team. In her spare time, you'll find Chiara walking up to her favourite castle overlooking her hometown. She loves to read and can often be found in her rare time off sitting at the foot of her favourite ancient building reading a book or listening to music. Chiara and her partner also save and rehabilitate injured street cats in their small amount of spare time together and are two of the most passionate and inspiring people you could meet.

While Chiara’s work is often invisible in the end product her hands and mind are woven into every inch of every garment. Her work is not physically visible but it’s of the highest importance to us and the rest of the team.

Our days in Italy with Chiara and the rest of the team are the most powerful and inspiring journeys we have. No matter how busy our day is Chiara will always find time to show us a new beach, restaurant or introduce us to a local artist. She is a proud Italian woman and always knows where to find the best gelato in any given town.

When you purchase from the Pt. Nemo Men's or Women's range you support an independent and 100% Australian owned business. Pt. Nemo operates within victimless workflows working towards complete sustainability and with some of the most talented manufacturers in the Italian fashion industry.

Chiara advises us on all things technical and is a vital part of the Pt. Nemo team in Italy. Not only does she work with Pt. Nemo she is a trustworthy adviser and great friend who we speak with daily.

We’re so happy to be working with Chiara and we'll keep you up to date with her and the rest of our amazing team. Meet the team HERE