So who made your clothes? It's a simple question but if you can't find a simple answer no matter the size of the brand then ask them the WHO MADE MY CLOTHES and join the Fashion Revolution! Thankfully we live in a time where brands are under more and more pressure to provide good working conditions, wages and support to their staff but there are still so many brands getting away with exploitation.

At Pt. Nemo we try to be as transparent as possible. You can email us anytime and ask us anything about our process, who makes our products and what our environmental impact is and we will respond with an honesty. We have no desire to run a successful fashion label at the cost of human lives and are constantly working to improve every aspect of our supply chain as we grow.

We urge you during Fashion Revolution Week to ask your favourite brands the simple question of WHO MADE MY CLOTHES. You can head HERE to find out some other things you can do to ensure you, as a paying customer get the answers you deserve and let's work together to make sure brand are held accountable.

Thanks to the Fashion Revolution Team for creating a movement so needed in an industry that is unnecessarily damaging to both human beings and the environment and we hope you spend some time on their website, follow them on Instagram and add your voice to the conversation this week!

Video provided by Fashion Revolution.
Meet the Pt. Nemo team HERE.