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Point Nemo is the location at co-ordinates 48° 52´ 36´S 123° 23´ 36´W in the South Pacific Ocean. It lies in the middle of a watery desert and is the furthest point from any landmass in the world. Point Nemo is considered to be one of the most remote and harsh locations on the planet, but it’s also beautiful.

Pt. Nemo is a high-end fashion label designed in Australia by Nikki Ciancio and Tom Batrouney for an international market. It is manufactured in Italy by some of the best fashion producers in the world for ocean-lovers and city-livers. Everything that goes into each garment is of the highest world standard and made by the hands of Italy’s best garment makers. Every piece is unique because every garment has been obsessed over by the touch and sight of our team who have been working this way for decades. This is what it's all about.

'We created Pt. Nemo to cater for the fashion-conscious beach-goer who wants more. Guys and girls who wear clothing as self-expression as well as comfort, practicality and performance. A garment of the highest quality, which speaks as much to surfers as it does fashion icons is hard to find and this is why Pt. Nemo came about'.

- Tom Batrouney, Co-Founder & Menswear Designer


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'Pt. Nemo is a way of showcasing the unmatched quality that is Italian-made garments to an audience hungry for something new. Pt. Nemo is for Women and Men who appreciate the art of well-made European clothing but want everyday wear ability at the same time'.

- Nikki Ciancio, Co-Founder & Womens Designer

Pt. Nemo is the deep blue sea, the endless wild reefs, the solitude we dream of finding and the concrete world we have created. It is a way to express our identities within our chosen home environment and a way to delve into others’.

Pt. Nemo is for urbanites who stare at the sky and ocean-dwellers who feel alive in the sea, for Men and Women who love the art of well-made clothing.

Join the revolution of well-made, high-end clothing. Buy once, buy right.