Point Nemo is the location at co-ordinates 48° 52´ 36´S 123° 23´ 36´W in the South Pacific Ocean. It lies in the middle of a watery desert and is the furthest point from any landmass in the world.

Pt. Nemo is a premium fashion label designed in Australia and manufactured in Italy and Australia. It’s made by some of the best fashion producers in the world for our customers who appreciate high quality staples.

Pt. Nemo is the deep blue sea, the concrete maze, the solitude we dream of and the urban world we inhabit. A mix of classic and creative pieces that enable self-expression within any environment, within your Pt. Nemo.

'We created Pt. Nemo for the style-conscious man or women who want the highest quality everyday-wear. Guys and girls who wear clothing for self-expression as well as comfort and performance. A high quality, every day garment will never go out of fashion'.

- Tom Batrouney, Co-Founder & Menswear Designer


'Pt. Nemo is a way of showcasing the unmatched quality that is Italian and Australian-made garments and making it accessible to the world. Pt. Nemo is for Women and Men who appreciate the art of well-made clothing but want everyday wearability at the same time'.

- Nikki Ciancio, Co-Founder & Womenswear Designer